Providence is a wonderful new development of 2.000 acres with a golf course. For more information, see the website :
The domain is located on a beautiful golf course (
It is developped in a beautiful environment (partially located in a nature reserve) and has a lot of facilities, such as a restaurant, a bar, swimming pools, tennis courts, and a gym.


There has been much building activity in recent years in the vicinity of Disney Orlando. Most of these domains are constructed the same way : a lot of houses on a small lot with limited privacy. The philosophy of the designers of Providence was to provide an added value. The open spaces are larger than the other domains, and the majority of the inhabitants are tenants for a longer period. All this results in an environment that is much more peaceful and quite. But even with this quality, we are able to keep the rental prices very reasonable.


terrasgolfgoedcropped-clubhouse-providence.jpgprovidence clubhouse goed vrbo